I have been asked by non-Dutch speaking fans to publish an English
translation of the CD-booklet text on this site.

OK, here we go:



The Dutch answer to Abba.

Sparkling and exciting, the new top (act) from Holland.

The Dutch Manhattan Transfer.


These are praises by the international press addressed to the group
 which stormed up the charts around the world at the end of the 70s with the huge success of
 “Rock and Roll Star”, even surprising the group too.


Champagne was founded on 25th November 1976.  To the lyrics of the singer of “The Outsiders”,  Wally Tax,
 “Rock and Roll Star” was recorded and the single was in a high chart position of their homeland within 2 weeks.
In February of the following year the second single was recorded and it reached the 2nd position of the charts as well.
Something special is the fact that despite the high frequencies of releases Champagne never had a single that flopped.
All of their singles reached high positions in the national and European charts.


Champagne emerged due to a number of random events.  Trudy and Bert knew each other already from school,
 met in the Rotterdam music scene and decided to form a duo.  Around the same time 
Jan and Paulette decided to end their jobs as drummer and singer with their band’s daily performances 
and try their luck in a different way.  Top-producer Martin Duiser brought all of them together
 and formed a strong charismatic quartet.  The avid song “Rock and Roll Star” did the rest.



Dressed up in noble Gatsby clothes and with a thought-out and very professional stage act,
 Champagne became very quickly one of the most popular groups from The Netherlands.
The charts could be imagined without their records.  Successively each of the first four singles
 stormed up the charts in no time.  With a thought-out mixture of hits and songs from the 50s
 they achieved to attract a big audience abroad.


Coincidence or not, the combination of lyricist Wally Tax, producer Martin Duiser
 and the four Champagne-members seemed to be a golden combination.
Foreign countries were involved too.  In the American Billboard Hot One Hundred
 Champagne reached the 51st place and many tours around the world followed.
 A spectacular matter was the tour to Israel where the group
 reached the number 1 position of the charts with all of their nine singles.


There was almost no time for family or lovers back home.  After six years of permanent flights, hotel rooms,
 TV-studios and an endless row of performances in The Netherlands as well as abroad
 the hitmachine from Rotterdam started to fade and finally on 1st April 1981 this chapter was closed.





But….after 30 years of absence Champagne is finally back!  The comeback has a real special input,
 typical Champagne.  Together with the members of their old live-band a full-length theatre-show will be put on. 
With pictures, interaction, humour and many, many songs the audience will be taken back to the 50s
 in which the members of Champagne grew up and all four have dearest memories of.


When this CD was compiled our thoughts went straight to the one who was responsible
 to a great extent of our successes and, alas, left us much too early; our friend Wally Tax.


Wally, thanks for everything.  Let’s rock on the stairway to heaven!


Jan, Paulette, Trudy and Bert.



Do you want to follow Champagne in the future?
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