G A L L E R Y   2



on this page you will find pictures contributed by Jan Vredenburg
from his own photo-book



This is the very first press photo of Champagne.
The clothes were real Gatsby and stolen from the car in the night after the photo session.

Champagne did a number of TV-performances in the former East German Republic (GDR).  This is a shot from a youth TV-program.




The photo below is from a different TV-performance in the GDR in 1979.

The next two pictures show Jan and Bert during the taping of a TV-show together with the Dutch girl group BABE. 

The director of the show asked Jan and Bert to act like drunken sailors in the background while BABE performed their song.

This is a picture taken with Champagne's German friends, the pop and disco act Eruption.

This shot was taken right after the taping of the Top-Pop show where Champagne performed
"Sjooh Sjooh Sugar". 


The little girl is Trudy's daughter Annabelle.

The following pictures show Champagne on stage

In the late 1980s for the first time all four members of Champagne came together again.
The following pictures show them with people from their career.

From left: Chiel Montagne, Trudy, Paulette, Donna Lynton

Jan with former manager (1977) Rob van Rooijen.

Paulette and the late Wally Tax, lyricist of many Champagne songs.

From left: Tineke de Nooij, Wally Tax, Hugo van Gelderen (TROS radio), Trudy.